“Take Pictures to Make Memories”

I recently viewed a FujiLove video titled “Enjoy Shooting”.

This video featured renowned Fujifilm X-Photographer Kevin Mullins, a documentary, wedding and street photographer based in the UK.  The title of my blog post is comprised of his words.  He shares memories that he captured during a trip he took without all the lenses, filters and other assorted paraphernalia, which we as photographers think we might need.  This video really hit home to me and I would like to share it with you because it is so insightful!

In the video, Kevin goes on to say . . . “How about putting your camera into A [automatic] mode and setting it to JPG [not RAW].  Do you remember what brought you to photography in the first place?”

Here is a link to this video:

I hope you enjoy it!  Drop me a comment if you do . . . or don’t.