Something exciting happened recently!

My passion photography genres include street photography, travel photography and event photography.

As I communicate and share photos, ideas and experiences with many photogs worldwide, we all try to help each other in our respective locations.  You will notice that many of my blog posts involve some wonderful travel destinations.

One of my collaborators in the UK suggested I join ITWPA.  Say what? . . . That was my response.  Well, ITWPA stands for International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance.  This is a forum where like members gain credibility, credentials and confidence in travel writing and photography.

After conducting some research, I joined this organization and am working on the writing part to complement my photography.

You can expect to see much more of my photography in the upcoming months.  Please enjoy and as always, drop me a line and let me know what you think.  All contact details are on my website at PhotoRichard Photography.

Ciao for now!