I attended a live concert at the Elgin United Church, dedicated to the Fab 4.  A 2-hour music-filled presentation was attended by over 200 audience members.

Local performers included Margaret Ross, Rasa Krokys, Alex Price, Morgan Wright and Graham Lowe.

“Soul Purpose” performed as well.  Soprano Michelle Knapp, Alto Karen Earl, Tenor Charalee Smith and Bass Jim Earl comprise the mixed quartet.

Music was provided by Margaret Ross on piano, flautist Jaime Burt, Doug Dillon playing bass, Sean Price on guitar and harmonica and Chelsea Lee on drums.

Of course, this extravaganza couldn’t come off without audio and video technical support from . . . Brian Blowes, Clinton Halladay, Gary Petro and Ysabella Ross.

Here is a photo gallery of some “live action”:

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