This is another road trip in my series on Eastern Ontario’s towns and community events.

The War of 1812 – 1814 was just over. And while peace again settled on the region, there was still an underlying tension between nations. Colonel John By was the British engineer charged with building a canal that would bypass the upper St. Lawrence River, and especially the Thousand Islands, where shipping was at risk from American attacks. A daunting and dangerous task, the canal had to channel the flow of dozens of lakes through a scarcely settled wilderness and the very durable granite of the Frontenac Arch.

Jones Falls, all said and done, is perhaps the most extraordinary construction works of the Rideau Canal. There are two separate flights of locks, separated by a turning basin for a total elevation change of 18 m. The site includes several buildings including a squared timer guardhouse, the Sweeney house, a defensible stone house built in 1841, a blacksmith’s shop, and a frame store house which houses interpretive displays. Another element of this amazing place is the hydro-electric power generation.

This was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the falls beckoned for me to visit.

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