A taste of Valencia means the local specialty – – – paella. The origins of Valencia’s ‘foodie’ contribution to Spanish cuisine goes back to 714AD. Arabs invaded this Roman colony and called it Ballansiya. Then the Moors built mosques, traded silk and spices and ceramics and devoured these casserole dishes. The Catholics drove in 1238 and converted all the mosques into churches, calling it the new Kingdom of Valencia and paella became a continued staple.

An awesome excursion included underground limestone caves, which could only be viewed by gondola. Naturally cool waters and dripping stalagmites on a day which reached 38C. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed in the caves.

Valencia is a gorgeous city with winding cobblestone streets and alleys.

Tonite we will see the musical “Grease”, the first time it has been produced on a cruise ship.

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