Welcome to Barcelona. It is unlike any other city in Spain. It has personality. It’s the Paris of the Spanish Riviera with grand boulevards. Thriving arts. Culture. With proud Spanish heritage. Famous for Gaudi, the architect of modern cutting-edge buildings and facades.

I took a walk along Las Ramblas, which is an awe-struck, tree-lined boulevard in the city’s centre of activity. Shops, cafes and flower stalls stretch from the waterfront to Placa de Catalunya. Total distance was 3km up and 3km back in 35C weather.  Needless to say I was pooped upon my return to the ship.

Its Gothic quarter dates from the 13th Century and creates a medieval atmosphere. A visit is not complete without the famous La Sagrada Familia cathedral, begun in 1882, built by Gaudi, which offers panoramic views of Barcelona from its hand-carved towers. This is an unbelievable work of architecture.

Tomorrow . . . We visit Valencia, Spain.

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