At the southernmost tip of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, lies the magnificent rock and colony of Gibraltar. Named after a Moorish chief, Gibraltar had its longest stretch as an Islamic port. After 700 years, the Spaniards drove out the Moors and turned the Rock into a naval port. In the end, England gained control over this busy seaport and used it as a base for the Allied Forces during World War II.

The visual of the massive limestone “Rock” has been called one of the pillars of Hercules by the Greeks; the other is on the African side of the Strait of Gibraltar.

This southernmost tip is called “Europa Point”.

As we drove on the road, we crossed a busy airport runway . . . Poeple, cars, buses and trucks cross this runway in continuum. We were told to always check overhead before crossing!

My next blog will be from Cartagena, Spain.

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