Panama Cruise. End of the Line in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

We have finally arrived in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. This is the largest province in Costa Rica, including practically the entire climate regimes found in the whole, tremendously varied country. From tropical dry forest, to rain forest, and from mangrove swamp to cloud forest to sub-alpine paramo, this sprawling province contains a little bit of everything.

PuntarenasPuntarenas extends all the way to Costa Rica’s southern border with Panama. Home to a fantastic array of flora and fauna, this province is a great destination if you you want an incredible eco-adventure with gorgeous surroundings. Here there are 14 national parks and reserves, more than in any other province.

With over 100,000 inhabitants, the city of Puntarenas sits on a long and narrow peninsula in the Gulf of Nicoya.

A main attraction is the Pacific Rainforest, near the Carara National Park with its different layers of foliage and the Tarcoles River. Here are some photos from my expedition.