Have you ever wondered how a cruise ship can keep 36,000 eggs and 15,000 pounds of potatoes for a week on board? It’s all part of the supply chain process.

On average, there are 3,000 individual and company suppliers for a 1 week cruise. There are not many second chances if a delivery of fresh shrimp or a cargo of mangoes are missed. Challenges include cost and will the next port even have supply.

Did you know that every ship has its own Operations Department, its own culture and their own brand of suppliers of products? For example, there’s the hotel side, covering food, beverage and all aspects of hotel, including linens. Another is technical marine operations purchasing. The third is IT, marketing, land tours, medical and other internal departments.

When you dissect the parts, it’s overwhelming, but it’s nice to know that everything has been taken care of for you.

Thank-you Azamara Club Cruises!

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