We arrived around 1530 on Sat26Dec in Willemstad, Curacao, slightly behind schedule because of the strong headwinds and current.

Curacao is most-known for the spot which gives the liqueur its name. It is a 38 mile long volcanic isle, home to a living history of cultural birthrights . . . Dutch, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Willemstad, the capital, has a population of 135,000 inhabitants from 55 nationalities. The city is divided in 2 sections – Punda and Otrobanda -connected by the Queen Emma pontoon bridge. Dutch-style windmills dot the landscape in and around the city, giving its name “mini Amsterdam”.

Our visit to Curacao took us to Jan Kok Estate, home to local artist Nena Sanchez; Knip Beach, with its unforgettable azure blue sea and white sand; salt lakes of Jan Kok, with its flock of flamingos; and, Boka Tabla National Park, where the wild sea meets the rocky coast.

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