After Rick’s early morning departure, Sylvia enjoyed the Turkish Steam Baths in the Persian Gardens on board our ship. This was followed by a Thai body massage, where the spa attendant walked on her back and performed reflexology to loosen muscles and joints.

The Eucalyptus Room offered healing inhalants and then she was shuffled off to the hot whirlpool, then a cool plunge, then back to the Turkish Baths. This whole ceremony ended at 15:30 after 7 hours of being pummelled.

Rick, on the other hand, was busy on a grand tour if Jeju Island. The first stop was at the Yakchunsa Buddhist Temple.  The ornate Temple and grounds have a very pleasing effect on the senses.  This place is serene, except for the jabbering of the Chinese and Argentinian tourists who seem to jabber all day long about NOTHING!

The next stop was at Cheonjeyeon Falls. These are the tallest and most -picturesque falls in Korea.  Although a steady rain was now falling and walking along a “cobble rock” pathway to the falls was treacherous, there were no casualties.

We then visited Jusong Jeollidae Lava Tubes and formations, which have now been designated as a natural historic site.

A typical Korean lunch was then served at the Radisson Jeju Hotel.

Our show tonight will be Josh Piterman, an electric violinist from Australia, who performed as the actor Michael in Grease 2, had the lead role as Tony in West Side Story and was part of the smash hit group The Ten Tenors.

Tomorrow, Sylvia is off for a tour of Incheon and Rick will stay onboard doing things and reading.

Happy April birthday wishes go to Helen In Guelph, Hugh in Edmonton and Tim and Mike in Barrie.


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