Busan is South Korea’s second largest metropolis after Seoul, approximately 3.6 million people. It is located at the southeastern tip of Korea’s peninsula. This area is also prone to Tsunamis and monsoons.

It hosted 2002 FIFA World Cup and is bidding for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

With no tour arranged,new took a free shuttle bus from the pier to Jagalchi Fish Market, the largest seafood market in all of Korea. This hot summer day allowed us to stroll among hundreds of vendors, showcasing live octopi crawling out of their containers and scallops and wells squirting their juices when touched

An enthusiastic restauranteur promoted dress grilled grouper that the patron chooses and brings to the table, which we decided to try for lunch. A delicious crispy, skinned and barbequed fish, served with cabbage soup, kimchi, seaweed strings, bean sprouts and rice. One large fish with all the fixin’s came to a total of only $10.00!  We saw gutted fish and live skinned eels still squirming.

Walking the streets, we saw that locals enjoy army fatigue attire as there were many such stores selling this apparel. The locals also love Canadians and each one we spoke with knew of a family member who emigrated to Canada. Many also knew about Calgary, telling us about the Calgary Olympic Games in 1988! Wow! Most are very interested in winter sports and golf in the summer.

Tomorrow, Rick will be going on a full day tour of Jeju Island and Sylvia will spend “her time” at the on-board spa.


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