Kaohsiung, the harbour city, is located in the southwest of Taiwan. Years ago, we knew it as the “Made in Taiwan” city, but now, it leads the economy in semiconductor manufacturing, petrochemical, steel and limestone (for cement) industries.

Upon arriving in Kaohsiung, also the largest industrial and container port in Taiwan, visitors agree that this city has a strong petroleum smell, after many years of high density automobiles and coal-fired electricity generating stations. Kaohsiung is also known as the “king of the cellophane noodles”.

Our cruise ship, the Celebrity Millenium, docked at the Banana Pier, known for its high exports of bananas to Japan.

Our half-day tour started with a short ferry ride to Chijin Island  Where te old streets abound with people, vehicles and food.

The Pink Lotus Pond is filled with goldfish and the Dragon and Tiger pagodas tower over the masses.

As we departed later in the day, we enjoyed the cityscape showing the vitality in the harbour!


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