In February of 2014, Sylvia and I travelled to the bottom of the earth . . . Antarctica.  Why . . . you ask?  It’s on our bucket list, we are healthy and it’s there!  so we did.

We flew from Calgary to Houston, USA, then on to Buenos Aires, Argentina; a day later, we flew to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world and boarded our 200-passenger expedition ship, the Hurtigruten MV Fram.  The first part of the journey was a 2 day crossing of the Drake Passage, the most notorious body of water in the world, where the Atlantic, Pacific and Southern Oceans meet.  We made it in calm seas, a bonus, arriving in Antarctica.

There we were, nestled among icebergs and penguins! Every day we left the “mothership” on zodiacs and arrived on the continent met by the inhabitants. On the very first landing, we were greeted by the local “chinstrap” penguin Dad watching his baby being fed by Mom.

The scenery was spectacular . . .Icebergs . . . Wales alongside the ship . . . Low-hanging fog and clouds . . . And canoeists. The daily Zodiac rides proved to be adventurous! Riding these devices allowed us to get “close to nature”.

Antarctica is a long way from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but well worth the time to get there and back.  I recommend that, if you can . . . do it!

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